Welcome to Jerry’s Law.Org, the official web site of Gerald P. Clark IV. Throughout these pages you will find information about how and why Jerry’s Law is being proposed.

Jerry was born, Gerald Paul Clark IV, on December 2, 1992. He was the eldest grandchild and only grandson of a close extended family living in Voorheesville and Bethlehem NY. On April 27, 2010 Jerry took his own life at the age of 17 as a result of an emerging mental health disorder.

Jerry was a popular well rounded person. It has been two years since his death and people still write to the face book memorial page set up by his peers. If you would like to know what kind of person he was, you are invited to review the hundreds of comments left by those who knew him. Throughout the memorial, Jerry is cited repeatedly as someone who was good to others, both the popular and less so. It is stunning to see so many people still writing to Jerry, telling of how he was always there to help them and that now that they are experiencing difficulties in life, wishing that he was here to “say the right thing”. Jerry was a good person who deserved a better fate. Please visit Jerry’s memorial at http://www.facebook.com/groups/118548568171175/ (April 27th,2010 R.I.P. Jerry Clark)

In Jerry's 17 years he had many accomplishments.

Leadership Roles:

  • Jerry was elected by his classmates as a “Peer Counselor” on multiple occasions covering a period of years.

  • Jerry was elected to a student council positions on multiple occasions.

  • The year before Jerry died he was asked to make a presentation before the Voorheesville school board regarding his dedication and experiences relating to the sport of wrestling.

  • The year before Jerry died he ran for class president at Voorheesville H.S., losing by less than 10 votes.

  • The year before Jerry’s died he had been selected by Voorheesville H.S. to participate in a leadership development program.

  • Jerry served as the team captain of his high school wrestling team and was routinely selected as captain of his traveling wrestling team.

Athletic Accomplishments:

  • As a sophomore, Jerry won the 2010 section II wrestling title, defeating the returning champion and becoming the first individual to represent Voorheesville H.S. at the state Championships in 25 years. Jerry’s goal had always been to win two NYS wrestling championships.

  • As a junior, Jerry was selected as a Section II All Star Defensive Back. He led the team in defensive points that year by a considerable margin and had established the goal of setting the school record for defensive points.