Jerry’s Law will require schools to advise children and their parents of the rights granted by section 4401 and 4402 of the State Education Law and Parts 200 and 201 of the Regulations of the NYS Education Commissioner. The presentation of these rights will be triggered upon referral to a superintendents hearing. These rights afford individuals the opportunity for evaluation by the committee on special education. The committee on Special Education and its membership is outlined in Section 4402 of the NYS Education Law. If the Committee on Special Education deems the child to be disabled, the rights and privileges afford to disabled children will be invoked.

Currently, the school administration is mandated by law to identify disabled children; however each school is left to its own devices on how to accomplish this goal. Furthermore, they are under no obligation to educate children and their families of these rights. Lacking a disabled designation by the committee on special education children are not afforded any of these rights regardless of the severity or nature of the disability. This law will seek to guide disabled children to the attention of those best suited to evaluate and address their needs.

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